Brian Dean – Grow Your Blog Fast Download (2022)

Brian Dean grow your blog fast free download

Brian Dean – Grow Your Blog Fast Download

How to Jumpstart Your Blog’s Growth

  • My #1 strategy to jumpstart a new — or existing — blog’s growth (this is the same process I used to help a brand new blog get 17,584 visitors from their first post)
  • In a crowded, competitive space? How “The Focus Formula” helps you and your blog stand out from the pack
  • Why every blog that wants to grow needs to focus on RLLs. In fact, RLLs helped me boost my traffic by 167.6% in 14 days
  • A list of advanced copywriting strategies designed specifically for blogs (you won’t find these anywhere else)
  • The easy way to get 2x more social shares on every post
  • The exact process I use to find untapped blog post topicsthat my competition doesn’t know about yet
  • How to quickly establish yourself as a go-to expert in your industry
  • The fast way to outline and write blog posts that get results (no more staring at a blank Google Doc)

Publish Amazing Blog Content

  • Why the “How I Did It Post” turns the traditional case study on its head (and works 10x better)
  • The 6 remarkable Blog Post Templates that I use to drive targeted traffic on demand
  • How I get an average of 257 comments on every post that I publish
  • The #1 most important thing to include in every post (getting this right will instantly bump up your traffic)
  • How to create “Custom Posts” that make people say “Wow, this post looks amazing!”
  • Advanced: how to create content that bloggers and journalists in your industry WANT to link to
  • Our Content Creation Checklist for making sure every post is complete and compelling
  • The 2 types of content intros that kick off 90% of my posts, newsletters and more
  • Why most “ultimate guides” flop — and the advanced steps I take to make sure ours hit home

Advanced Promotional Strategies

  • How do you promote your content… without being a pushy jerkface? A new strategy that I call “The Anti-Share”
  • How to get in touch with bloggers that are “out of your league” – and how to convince them to feature you on their blog or podcast
  • Detailed outreach teardowns of my all-time favorite (and least favorite) outreach emails
  • Advanced: A list of 4 new promotional strategies that are working great right now
  • The truth about guest posting on blogs – and why “10x Guest Posting” works, (you guessed it) 10x better
  • How to promote your content on social media the right way with NCS Posts
  • Why “Blog Campaigns” are the little-known secret behind most blogs that seem to “come out of nowhere”
  • How to use a strategy called “The Content Multiplier” to drive “on demand” traffic to your blog

Build Your Email List In Record Time

  • Why Content Upgrades don’t work as well as they used to… and the NEW strategy that’s crushing it right now
  • Exactly where to put opt-in forms on your blog (these are lessons we’ve learned from hundreds of A/B tests)
  • The simple way to create a lead magnet that your readers will WANT to get their hands on
  • The #1 strategy that’s helped us grow our list to 145,699 total email subscribers
  • Advanced tips on optimizing your blog’s homepage for conversions
  • The 4 strategies we focus on to grow our list by X subscribers every month
  • Why testing button colors is a waste of time… and what to do instead
  • Advanced: How to use “Padlock Posts” to grow your email list in record time (no one is using this powerful strategy right now!)

How to Launch Products To Your Blog’s Audience

  • How “The ISL” helped us hit our first 6 figure launch. And how we used this same exact approach to scale up to 7 figures
  • Forget webinars, funnels, segmenting and other complicated nonsense. I’ll show you what’s really working in the world of product launches right now
  • Teardown: I give you the exact sequence we used on a launch that did nearly 7-figures in revenue
  • The 4 questions you need to ask to know if you’re ready to launch your product
  • How to write high-converting emails that don’t sound “salesy” (including the exact templates we use on every launch)
  • My personal Launch Checklist for making sure every launch goes smoothly (and most importantly, converts)

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