Dan Kennedy – Maximum Profits Online and Offline Download (2021)


Dan Kennedy – Maximum Profits Online and Offline Download

Quick Overview
Transform your business into a MAXIMUM GROWTH MACHINE with this never-before-offered Glazer-Kennedy Fast-Track Success Kit. Specifically designed for the business owner or entrepreneur who is sick of minimal advertising results and wants to quickly assimilate, implement and profit from Glazer-Kennedy style marketing in both their online and offline marketing. You will receive the MOST comprehensive, results-oriented training we’ve ever created.

Fast Track your Income and Success
Skyrocket sales and multiply your profits
Gain FULL control of your business

Proven, scientifically tested Glazer-Kennedy Marketing Methodologies
Immediately and profitably impact your bottom line with a detailed blueprint for how to quickly and easily implement and take full advantage of Glazer-Kennedy style marketing. This includes Marketing Building Blocks, the 7 components of a USP, copy that sells, advanced methods, developing lifetime customer value, choosing a market, how to get free publicity, how to combat current economic conditions and marketing to the affluent.

Advanced Offline AND Online Strategies
Work less, earn more and grow your business with strategies guaranteed to crush your competition. Discover the hidden gold offline, 5 ways to grab attention and get your stuff opened, read and responded to, build 3-D mailings and websites that convert like crazy. Plus the secrets to successful niche marketing, website optimization, newsletters, sales letters, sequential mailings, pay-per-click, email-marketing and much more!

The Ultimate Training Combination—Personal Mentoring, Ongoing Member Support and Coaching Option
Maximize your success with eight full one-on one sessions with your own personal mentoring guide (available at an additional investment), weekly email direction and ongoing member technical support with a toll-free number.

12 Comprehensive Training Series Plus 3 Bonus Modules
Learn the specific strategies Glazer-Kennedy uses to enjoy more time off and experience less stress while skyrocketing profits. The course is delivered in an online format so you can access it anytime from anywhere in the world. The 15 easy-to-digest training modules are lead personally by Dan Kennedy, Bill Glazer, Lee Milteer, Paul Hartunian and Derek Gehl.

The Glazer-Kennedy University “Maximum Profit ONLINE and OFFLINE Training Program” designed to get you up to speed on GKIC Marketing. It’s like earning your No B.S. Degree: This is a 12-Module online training which includes:

Modules #1 – 4: Presented by Dan Kennedy:

* Choosing A Market
* Crafting A Compelling Message
* How To Develop Customer Value
* Marketing To More Affluent Customers

Modules #5 – 8: Presented by Bill Glazer

* Building Blocks of Offline Marketing
* How To Find The Hidden Gold In Your Own Customer List
* How To Grab Customers and Prospects Attention
* S and D Marketing

Modules #9 – 12: Presented by Derek Gehl:

* Market Research and Your Website
* Targeted Traffic Generation
* Email Marketing
* Advanced Strategies

Module #13: Presented by Lee Milteer

* Time and Boundary Strategies For Business Owners

Module #14: Presented by Paul Hartunian

* How To Get Tons Of FREE PUBLICITY For Any Business, Career, Person, Product, Or Cause, Locally Or Nationally For Pennies

Module #15: Presented By Dan Kennedy

* “Fix Your Follow-Up” To Find Value Where YOU Think There Isn’t Any

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