Jason Capital – High Status Summit 2019 Recordings Download (2021)


Jason Capital – High Status Summit 2019 Recordings Download

Jason Capital was rejected by every good college. So he took a $100 birthday gift from his mom and became a millionaire in 9 months using High-Income Skills. Your story can be next.

Jason Capital’s acted as coach and consultant to Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, Navy SEAL’s, best-selling authors and Hollywood actors. He’s a guest contributor to Forbes, and has been featured in TIME, CNBC, Entrepreneur and Money Magazine countless times. He’s the best-selling author of Higher Status. He’s been recognized as a Top 100 Entrepreneur by the White House and is the founder of the 12-Month Millionaire Mentorship Program.

Class Curriculum

Day 1
Day 1 Highlights!
Jason Capital
Ryan Magin
Jason Maxwell
Caleb O’Dowd
Brandon Carter
Bedros Keuilian
Day 2
Day 2 Highlights!
Jason Capital
Mike Schauer
Craig Ballantyne
Joel Marion
AJ Mihrzad
Fireside Chat Interview with Ash Kumra & Jason Capital
Day 3
Jason Capital
Sharran Srivatsaa
Kevin Hutto
Dan Pena

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