Kaye Putnam – Brand New Brand Download (2021)

Kaye putnam Brand new brand free download

Kaye Putnam – Brand New Brand Download

Do you know the *only* difference between you and such-and-such ‘big name entrepreneur’?


The most successful entrepreneurs have crystal clarity and confidence about their brand and it propels them forward.

And the best news…your own brand certainty is *already* within you.

You are enough, right now.

You just need the right process to draw it out…

This is *your* time to feel CLEAR and PROUD of your brand.
How can *all of this* be possible for you?

Here’s what I know: you are enough RIGHT NOW.

You have the genius and ambition to be as successful as you want to be. And I’ll be there to remind you of that whenever you forget.

You don’t have to sound like a cheesy Internet marketer to sell online. You also don’t need to change yourself to be more like X, Y, or Z entrepreneur. You find your success when you uncover what’s already inside of you. Through my In Demand Brand process, I’ll help you find that inner (brand) truth.

Most programs start with a few key words, maybe a spirit animal and move straight into the “sexy” part of branding: logos, colors and fonts. My method turns this model inside out and upside down.

Beyond the incredible program experience (which I’ll detail in a bit), my approach is completely different than 99% of the brand advice out there.

We start with the innate truths that drive you and your brand, and build out from that essential CORE. I’m the psychology-driven brand strategist for a reason. We focus on the TRUTH of your brand first, and then figure out how to best express it through all of your brand choices. We get to the visuals, of course – but it’s towards end of the course, after the crucial groundwork has been completed.

If you’ve rebranded over and over, and nothing seems to stick…
Or if you can’t settle on a visual identity because you want *all the things*…
Or can’t find the words to clearly describe what you do…

It’s because the CORE of your brand isn’t settled yet. Those are symptoms of the larger problem. You don’t need a better design (YET – that will come), you need a crystal clear brand strategy.

I’m also not *just* your teacher. I’m your living, breathing example of how building an In Demand Brand works. I use this exact process in my own business AND with all of my 1-on-1 client brands. You get a proven method that WORKS, in the REAL world. (Right NOW, not 5 years ago!)

This is so much more than design. You’re investing in powerful leverage for your business, with expert guidance at every step.

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