Kody White – YT Money Master Download (2021)


Kody White – YT Money Master Download

Introduction to the course & what you can expect

How I Got Started

Module 2: Mindset

Chasing Perfection

Long Term Mindset

My Top Student Devon Making $60,000 Per Month

Module 3: Introduction to YT Money

Introduction (where are you at right now)

This Mini-course outline is broken into 3 primary lessons: The WHAT The WHY The HOW This …

List of 50 viral niches to get into

List Of 50 Of The Most Profitable And High CPM Niches (IN NO ORDER)

How To Pick A Niche

How To Decide what kind of channel you want to start

How to Verify Your Channel

Module 4: Basics of creating content

Necessary Tools For Hacking YouTube

The worst part about youtube

How to get over the “Perfection” mindset

What Equipment Do You Need

How To Download Other People’s Videos

How To Edit Viral YouTube Videos

For this video i hired one of my editors who works for me to create a training video showing you …

Setting Up Upload Defaults

Optimizing Titles For Mobile

Module 5: Getting your channel monetized ASAP

What are the minimum requirements and how to hit them

How to speed up the review process

Partnering with a network

Purchasing A Monetized YouTube Channel

Module 6: How to make viral videos

Studying other channels/Copying what works

The 2 things most important things to blow up a video

How to find and edit clips for your videos

Studying other channels Copying what works

How to make sure notifications get to all your followers

Encourage viewers to like the comment

Module 7: Getting High Click Thru Rate On a Video (Coming Soon)

The Art Of Clickbait

Where To Locate Click Through Rate In Analytics

Module 8: Getting High Audience Retention In Videos

How long should your videos be

The ADD Strategy

How long should your videos be?

Show the highlight of the video in the very beginning

The balance between clickbait and good content

Encourage the viewers to watch until the end

Where To Locate Audience Retention In Analytics

Module 9: SEO


Mention keywords in the first 30 seconds of your video

How to steal tags from other channels

How to write a fully optimize description for your video

Video Description Template

Module 10: How to optimize your monetization

Brand Deals

Welcome to the Online Course Blueprint for Kajabi. This blueprint should be used as a guide …

how to properly secure a brand deal

Promoting Products

How To Increase Your CPM

Module 11: How to expedite the growth process and explode your channel

Community Tab

End Screens

Instagram Shoutouts

Module 12: Dealing with copyright issues

#1 secret to avoid getting copyright claimed

Module 13: The BIGGEST problems YouTubers face & solutions

How to deal with limited ads

How to deal with channel demonetization

In this video we go over how to deal with channel demonetization.

How to cuss and not get caught

List of low cpm keywords to avoid

Limited Ads Trick

Sales Page

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