MindValley – 12 Dimensions of Mastery Download (2021)


MindValley – 12 Dimensions of Mastery Download

This Is How We Structured The Lifebook Challenge So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible

In The Lifebook Challenge – 12 Dimensions Of Mastery, one of our main objectives is to help you figure out your own, personal ideal life vision – complete with goals and values in all 12 categories of your life – so you can starting realizing that vision, step-by-step.
For this, well be dedicating two days per category to forge a life vision thats uniquely yours. A single, clear and compelling life vision that is based on your values and standards. So you can start living a life thats authentically yours. Heres how the course is structured to deliver this:

00 Foundation: What Is An Extraordinary Life? (Two days, from January 10th – 11th)
The first thing we do is explore what an extraordinary life means. Well ask questions like What does having it all mean? and Is it possible for you? and come up with a strong WHY for creating an extraordinary life.

01 Category 1: Health & Fitness (Two days, from January 12th to 13th)
Theres a lot of noise out there in this category – and much of it is contradictory information that can make it difficult for you to navigate. Well identify and present the right strategies that can help you achieve your ideal body in the shortest time possible.

02 Category 2: Intellectual Life (Two days, from January 14th to 15th)
Your intellectual life consists of two parts – input and output. The input is the information thats coming into your head. The output is the thinking and processing you do to come up with a decision. Well learn more about how our intellect works and then explore ways to nourish it.

03 Category 3: Emotional Lifem(Two days, from January 16th to 17th)
If you want a great life, you have to experience quality emotions on an ongoing basis. One of the big concepts youll learn here is that we can exercise a tremendous amount of consciousness and control over our emotions. The trick is to find the recipe for every emotion youll experience in your life and set goals for those emotions that you want to consistently experience in your life.

04 Category 4: Character (Two days, from January 18th to 19th)
Well look at setting goals for your character – setting goals for self-discipline, goals for staying true to your word, goals for overcoming procrastination and so on. Well literally have you choose the character you want to bring into your life.

05 Category 5: Spirituality (Two days, from January 20th to 21th)
Almost all of what we believe about spirituality comes from what we were told as a kid, by our parents, our church or religious institution or by any other member of our family. But this may not necessarily describe your unique truth. And so in the Lifebook Challenge, we take a deep look at your own beliefs and document them. This will definitely be an eye-opening experience.

06 Category 6: Love Relationshipv(Two days, from January 22nd to 23rd)
Your love relationship is a subject that, perhaps more than any other, directly affects your level of happiness. Here, youll examine your deepest held beliefs about love (which control your behavior in this area or your life). Youll define your values and expectations about love and achieve clarity on what you want and need from your love relationship. Youll discover that extraordinary relationships can be achieved if both people want it badly enough to truly commit. And youll emerge with specific strategies you can use to create the Love Relationship youve always dreamed of.

07 Category 7: Parenting (Two days, from January 24th to 25th)
Raising a child is one of the richest, deepest experiences life has to offer. Here, youll examine your deepest beliefs about what defines a good parent. Youll reflect on who your children are as individuals, and how you can help them better succeed – both in the short term and long term. Youll consider the key values of your home and create a clearer vision for parenting your children. Youll define the kind of relationship you want to have with your children, and youll create a clear strategy that will make that relationship blossom. And perhaps most importantly, youll realize what an incredibly important example you set by the way you live in every category of your life.

08 Category 8: Social Life (Two days, from January 26th to 27th)
Here, well do a deep dive into your social life – and this is an important part of your life, way more important than most people realize. So well be exploring some profound principles and life-changing content that will reveal just how high the stakes are in this category – and then well share some powerful strategies for taking your social life to the next level.

09 Category 9: Finances (Two days, from January 28th to 29th)
Here were going to focus on true financial abundance. The financial advice and guidance well deliver will be worth much more than the cost of this program. If you apply the resources available to you and implement the strategies well share with you, you will create a quantifiable surge in your financial life. But were going to give you something even more valuable than that. Because you can learn financial strategies just about anywhere. Were going to help you bring an immense amount of consciousness to this category, by sharing a unique and powerful perspective that will give you a much deeper understanding of the role money plays in your life. Infinitely more control of your financial world. And a sure-fire formula for creating financial abundance that will work. Thats a big promise – and we will deliver.

10 Category 10: Career (Two days, from January 30th to 31st)
When it comes to career, we have a wider range of choice than ever before in human history. There are hundreds of professions that didnt even exist a few years ago. So whats the result of all this wonderful opportunity? Information overload. Many of us are just overwhelmed. There are too many choices. Its bewildering and confusing. With all the possibilities – how do we choose? In this category of the Lifebook Challenge, youll learn the three pillars upon which a successful, fulfilling career is based, and discover the strategies you need to take your career to a higher level (and make more money in the process!)

11 Category 11: Quality of Life (Two days, from February 1st to 2nd)
This category is about your happiness and fulfillment – its about living joyfully and fully every day. Living a life of abundance. Having leisure time to enjoy with loved ones. Its about having fun, having great stuff, and having good times. Its about enjoying yourself! This is where you define the lifestyle you want to live. If youre a car person this is where your cars live. If youre a boat person, this is where you create and manifest that vision. This is where your dream house lives. Its where exotic travel, and helicopter rides, and white sand beaches live. This is where all the material rewards for doing all this work can be found.

12 Category 12: Life Vision (Two days, from February 3rd to 4th)
Your Life Vision – this is where all the thinking youve done so far will really start to come together. Its here that youll realize that the Lifebook Challenge isnt about 12 things – its about one thing. you. Well focus on the most important single aspect of the Lifebook program – a singular, compelling vision for the person you want to become and the life you want to live.

13 Integration: Goal Setting (Two day, from February 5th to 6th)
So far, youve clarified what you want out of life. And in this part of the Lifebook Challenge, well look into the causes you need to put in motion to create the effect youre after. And well develop a plan that outlines exactly what it will take to achieve your vision.

14 Integration: Taking Action (Two days, from February 7th to 8th)
This part of the Lifebook Challenge is simple but powerful. Well take a look at one of the most important goals in your life and take one powerful action toward the accomplishment of that goal. Preferably – a big, bold, powerful action that will really surge your goal forward. The main objective is for you to feel your life move in the direction you want it to – and action is the active ingredient!

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