MindValley – Paul McKenna – Everyday Bliss Download (2021)

Mindvalley Paul mckenna everyday bliss free download

MindValley – Paul McKenna – Everyday Bliss Download

Paul McKenna, PhD., is widely recognized as an international bestselling author whose books have sold over 10 million copies and been translated into 32 languages.

Paul is celebrated for his extraordinary ability to ignite dramatic changes in people’s behaviors and lives, through tools and techniques rooted in fields like hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Paul’s long list of clients includes high-profile entrepreneurs, professionals, and celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, David Bowie, Roger Daltrey, Daryl Hannah and James Corden.

He regularly appears on various TV shows including The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Good Morning America, The Dr. Oz Show, Rachael Ray, Anderson Live, and many more.

Paul has been long sought-after for his one-on-one hypnotherapy sessions, and is recognized by The Times of London as one of “the world’s most important modern self-help gurus”. He currently holds the title of the United Kingdom’s most successful non-fiction author.

In this new Mindvalley Masterclass you’ll discover the same hypnosis, NLP and psychosensory techniques he has used to help his many high-profile clients to permanently overcome the paralyzing effects of stress, anxiety and fear.

What You’ll Learn

  1. How to Be Resilient To Stress

    Reprogram your mind and body for immunity from the negative effects of stress. Breeze through stressful situations that used to weigh you down.

  2. Rise Above Fears & Anxiety

    Get tools to vanquish any crippling fears or anxiety affecting your peace of mind. You’ll be free to grow, achieve, and explore with confidence & clarity.

  3. Develop a Mindset of Hope and Positivity

    Replace self-doubt and negative programming with positive thoughts, beliefs, and habits that shatter your limitations and elevate your potential.

  4. Sleep Better

    Finally enjoy deep, restful, uninterrupted sleep – free of the untreated stress that causes sleep problems in countless people.

  5. Improve Your Health & Immunity

    Dramatically decrease your risk of developing stress-related illnesses, and gain a healthier, more energetic, and more resilient body and mind.

  6. Overcome Depression & Sadness

    If you’re suffering from depression, or lingering sadness due to quarantine, this helps you elevate your moods and bring light into your life.

  7. Develop Unbreakable Grit

    Become unshakable even in the face of insurmountable odds. When nothing stresses you out anymore, nothing can hold you back. Sail over life’s road bumps with ease.

  8. Develop Resilience to Overwhelm

    Discover how to stay calm and productive even in the most hectic scenarios. You’ll never again feel helpless or pressured by the demands of your work or to-do list.

The Curriculum

The Everyday Bliss Curriculum

The Everyday Bliss program is a 21-day journey towards lifelong freedom from stress, hosted on the Mindvalley Quests learning platform. In just 15 minutes or less a day, you’ll experience Paul McKenna’s signature tools and techniques for reprogramming your mind and body’s response towards stress.

The beauty of Paul’s techniques is they work instantly, and are effective against any form of stress: whether it’s coming from your work, relationships, or any other source. Just follow Paul’s simple daily guidance, and you’ll gain both immunity from any stress you’re dealing with in the moment – and the means to rise above all future encounters with it.

Paul’s ultimate goal for you through this program is a dramatically improved quality of life. By the end of the 21 days, you’ll have a transformed perspective not just on stress – but on life as a whole. The situations that used to frustrate or upset you will now become opportunities for growth and success. What used to overwhelm you will now excite you. And instead of giving in to fear or anxiety, you’ll finally have the right tools to design a life defined by wellbeing and happiness.

In the first week of the program, you’ll discover the critical role your nervous system plays in your response to stress – and how you can reprogram it to be calm and balanced, even in the most overwhelming situations.

The Exercises You’ll Learn:

  • The Hypnotic Trance: enjoy instant deep relaxation, and return your mind to a peaceful and calm state.
  • The Heart Brain exercise: calms you when you’re too busy with tasks, or feeling overwhelmed.
  • The Systematic Relaxation technique: lets you enjoy short but rejuvenating relaxation breaks throughout your day – use this instead of coffee when you’re feeling sleepy or need to concentrate.
  • The TFT (Tapping) technique: rapidly reduces feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, or depression.
  • The Havening technique: a psychosensory therapy technique, combining touch and eye movement to reset the way your brain interprets and responds to stress.
  • The Calm Anchor technique: reprograms you to be more relaxed, and guides you into a state of ease and wellbeing.

Your next step is to discover the threats that trigger stress in your mind and body. Then, you’ll learn a fascinating process for reframing these threats into opportunities – so the things that used to stress you out are now vehicles for growth.

The Exercises You’ll Learn:

  • The Internal Dialogue technique: transforms how your brain processes stressful situations, turning them from threats into opportunities.
  • The Problem Solving Questions technique: helps you find solutions to any problem (based on the field of Decision Theory).
  • The Worry Buster technique: releases internal conflict and resets your worry thermostat. Great for shifting from panic and worry to interest and concern; a superb remedy to anxiety and panic.
  • The Story of Worry exercise: reveals how worry and stressful situations are influencing your life – so you can release your old worry stories and return to a state of natural emotional balance.
  • The Dissociation technique: reduces the intensity of negative images in your head, and increases the intensity of positive emotions – allowing you to maintain a more productive mindset.
  • The Rewiring Unpleasant Memory technique: designed for people with PTSD and anyone experiencing uncomfortable stress from a past event. Permanently disconnects negative emotions and trauma, so you can break free from the shackles of the past.

Finally, you’ll discover how to integrate all the techniques you’ve learned in previous weeks into a healthy, stress-free lifestyle: one where resilience, alertness and calmness are your effortless default states of being.

The Exercises You’ll Learn:

  • The Energy Audit exercise: reveals the true sources of your negative energy, and empowers you to shift towards more positive and productive emotional patterns.
  • The Endorphin Button exercise: rewires your brain to feel happy and well for no reason – allowing you to operate from a state of default calm and joy.
  • The Instant Motivation exercise: amplifies your energy and motivation to stay consistent with working out, and other healthy physical activities, so you can be fit for life.
  • The Big Mind Meditation hypnotic adaptation: an incredibly powerful meditation method that guides you towards inner peace in minutes (seasoned meditators often need decades of practice to achieve this).

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