Moolah – FB Page Strategy Course Download (2021)


Moolah – FB Page Strategy Course Download

Introducing the PAGE STRATEGIES course

I’ve been honored to have had the opportunity to help some of the leaders in the online marketing space:
Okay, you’ve seen people like this grow their audiences FAST.
Yet you still might be thinking…
Sounds great for “influencers”, Rachel, but…
What about me?
Can I do this too?
There’s no better way to show you that you can achieve the same audience growth than to show you people just like you bringing people to their business – organically.
What is Moolah’s PAGE STRATEGIES?
Page Strategies is a six-week video training program that teaches you how to create a highly engaged audience of raving Facebook fans.
We have helped 34+ people bring their businesses more than 10,000,000 in reach in a single Facebook ™ post.
We have helped literally HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of people grow their audiences.
Each section has video tutorials ranging in time from 5-10 min long – as well as accompanying checklists and worksheets.
In addition to the course, we’re including a Private Buyer-Only Community, and 4 LIVE Coaching Calls to make sure you’re on track for your goals.
With less than 2 hours a week, and with $5 a day (or less) in ad spend, we take the guesswork out of building your audience – so you can EXPLODE!
So… What’s the secret??
The program covers everything you need to know to grow a Facebook page FAST.
Whether you are starting at 0 and want to get to 10K…
OR you have a page and are ready to bust out to 100k, 200K or MORE!
What’s included in the
Page Strategies program?

Your Fan

  • Your Two Customers: You only need to focus on keeping these two “customers”.
  • What Your Reader Wants: There are three basic “needs” that your page solves.
  • Find Your Die Hard Fan: This 1 hour trick will help you connect to your readers.
  • What Facebook Wants: Following this “Do & Don’t” list will bring results.
  • Your ‘Bumper Sticker’: People interact with content that defines who they are.
  • Niche Neighborhoods: Make your competition work for you be a neighbor.
  • Page Types: There are four page types. Find yours and attract customers.

Your Content

  • Solve Page Pitfalls: These three things will totally sabotage your page’s growth.
  • Feed Facebook & Grow: What sizes? What Content? What Text? We tell you.
  • Types of Content : Oh the posts that you can create – more than you think.
  • Parts of a Page: Is your page fully optimized? We review the page parts & tell you.
  • Video Posts: Want killer video content? Want viral videos? Here is the strategy!
  • LIVE Video Posts: The secrets of how to make your lives pain-free & engaging!
  • Wildcards, Convos and Statuses: Explode the engagement on a page with these!
  • Importance of Virals: Why viral? What will a viral actually DO for a page?

Your Growth

  • Value of scheduling: Consistency. Follow our schedules. Don’t remake the wheel.
  • Baby Page: What you should be posting & when if you have ZERO likes.
  • Targeting Stage: What you should be posting & when if you are 1 – 25K in size.
  • Growing Stage: Here is what you should be posting & when as growing (25-50K).
  • Duplicating: What you should be posting & when (50-100K and beyond).
  • Hits page: Do the work once and re-use the content again and again.
  • Conversation Banks: Copy what works! Need Fast engagement? Grab a title, a headline, or conversation!

Your Viral

  • Going Viral: What are the reasons why you would NOT want to go viral?
  • Types of Engagement: All the ways our readers engage with us – You want all!!
  • Viral Funnels: The sharing strategy that causes content to grow and grow.
  • Messenger Chat: Your page needs response systems – You can copy our systems.
  • Crossposting: Get more traffic using relationships with other pages.
  • Getting Leads: How you can get more leads AND keep them warm??
  • Growing Groups: Take advantage of groups with these tips.

Your Ads

  • Ads Overview: What type of ad will help you reach your audience goals.
  • Pixel: Why you need it and what you should do with it.
  • Targeting 101: Do you know where the people most likely to engage ARE?
  • Ad Strategy for Engagement: Build an asset of an audience with these ads.
  • Ad Strategy for Like Ads: These tactics help you attract real fans, real likes.
  • Ad Strategy for Conversions (sales or leads): Need more sales – these ads WORK. See examples of real ads, really working!

Your Audience

  • Audience Insights Overview: What are your followers really like? Snoop on them.
  • Getting Information From Facebook: Facebook warns us! NO more wondering about the stats.
  • Custom Audiences Types: These audiences will biggie-size your brand.
  • Custom Audiences Strategy: Selecting and growing your custom audiences.
  • Using Lookalike Audiences: When a audience does a good job, make a LAL!
  • Facebook Funnels: Lead your readers into a sale (or another conversion).
  • The Waterfall Strategy: Make life-long fans. You don’t want a single sale, EVER!

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