My TikTok Guide to Making $3000+ Monthly, Without EVER Showing your Face Download (2022)

My TikTok Guide to Making $3000+ Monthly Without EVER Showing your Face Free Download

[Step-by-Step Method] My TikTok Guide to Making $3000+ Monthly, Without EVER Showing your Face Download

The Most PRACTICAL TikTok guide to making $3000+ Monthly, Without showing your face, or dancing like a clown!

What’s up guys,

It’s Zionbar here back with another JUICY case study which will show you EVERYTHING you need to start generating $200+ a day using the world’s fastest growing social media platform TikTok, all without showing your face!

I’ve been on this forum since BHW since 2015 and if you read any of my guides, you know I put everything into them. I don’t hold anything back because I do want others to succeed and make money online. So why charge for this, you’re asking?

The reasons I prefer charging for these type of case studies are :

1. I believe that when ‘you put your money where your mouth is’ you’re more likely to succeed.
I, myself, have bought hundreds of e-courses and guides online, and I will keep paying for education because I believe in investing in yourself (and no, not everything can be found on google, and if it can it might take u years to find everything and put it together, so here’s a shortcut)
2. It prevents saturation. Lets face it. BHW is a huge forum and has a shit-ton of members. Look at what happens with any other method that’s being posted. Most of them get saturated.
3. It takes a LOT of time and effort to build these in-depth case studies, and as a Capitalist, I believe that people should be compensated for the work they put in.

I’ve been itching to release this for months now but after several delays, and many clean-ups for the guide, I have finally decided to release it to you lovely people.

This guide will blow your socks off, guaranteed. TikTok has gained a bad reputation with many people because it’s known as a kid dancing app. IT ISN’T. It’s actually one of the best platforms to grab fast & easy traffic from, and the competition is still VERY LOW.

Because of this misconception that I am making BANK off TikTok because I know my buyer audience are all hidden inside this vast app with their credit card in their hand (or PayPal automatically logged in) ready to impulse buy affiliate products and make us rich 

This guide will teach you 2 things:

1. It’ll show you how I managed to go from $0 to $3,000+ per month within 30 days of creating a brand new TikTok account and selling my own digital products/Amazon KDP books all on autopilot. Yes, autopilot! I’ve created a system where I can create and upload videos in 26 seconds (I literally timed myself) and get viral by uploading at specific times during the day and by using a certain type of hashtag formula that the algorithm loves.

2. I will also show you how I created TikTok only traffic niche affiliate sites in very low competition niches and sold them for $3,500+ a pop, generating over $16,000+ in less than 6 months.
Here’s my earnings for the end of 2021 – Mid 2022 for mini niche site sales.

All of these sites sold are TikTok only traffic! There are buyers with deep pockets looking to invest in these niche assets. Just take advantage of them.

One of the biggest issues with making money online methods is that its hard to find a step by step, hold-my-hand type of guides that show you everyting from A to Z.

They always tell you about “shopify + run facebook ads” but then never tell you the specifics. Well, not in my house.

After reading this guide, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do and start making $$$ pretty fast if you stick to the plan.

If you’ve been struggling with making money online and want to start generating some income fast, this guide should be your bible.

Read it, absorb the information, follow through with the strategy and I promise you, you will see results.

Time to focus and stop making excuses.

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