Naked Options Trading – 5 Practical Rules for Option Trading Download (2021)


Naked Options Trading – 5 Practical Rules for Option Trading Download

What you’ll learn
  • 5 Practical Rules for Naked Options Trading
  • Option Basics
  • Option Greeks
  • Sample Trading Strategy for Trading Naked Options
  • You should be aware of basic terminologies with respect to the stock market
  • No special software requirements

This course is on trading naked options. There are four basic naked option positions that can be taken in the stock market. These are:

1. Buying a Call Option

2. Buying a Put Option

3. Selling a Call Option

4. Selling a Put Option

In this course you will learn practical rules for naked options trading that will help you manage options greeks like theta and vega better. Managing option greeks is very important if you want to succeed in naked options trading. The practical rules I share as part of this course will help you do just that.

You will also learn one of the trading strategies that I use to trade naked options. You will learn the trading strategy and you will also learn how you can manually back test this strategy so that you before you make any trades you are sure that you have a reasonably good chance of making money by using the strategy.

Do not worry If you are new to options trading as I will also teach all the basic terminologies/ concepts you need to know about options.

Who this course is for:
  • Beginners looking to start trading options

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