Parikchhit Basnet – Elite Email Marketing Course Download (2022)

Parikchhit Basnet – Elite Email Marketing Course Download

Elite Email is an online course that teaches and demonstrates how to start and run a successful email marketing agency with no prior experience.

We cover the exact strategies and tactics we use to run our multi-million dollar per year company, Mint Ave, and show you how you can build an agency for yourself.‍

Basically, it’s like having us as your mentor, guiding you every step of the way and helping you avoid both rookie mistakes and advanced pitfalls in an industry where things change fairly rapidly…and where having an experienced guide can make all the difference between success and failure.

This course will not just teach you how to run another “agency”…it’s focused on helping you become a better entrepreneur and run a long term sustainable business with the skill of email marketing.

Most get into this “agency” world to make money and there is nothing wrong with that…The problem is that it has been marketed too heavily that way which causes for people to get into this industry but not see any long term and sustainable success as they are SO focused on making money right away and quit if they don’t see results short term.

We don’t do that here…we are helping you become legit business owners and entrepreneurs.

We will cover the basics of email marketing, teach you how to get started with your first clients, help you understand sales and overall focus on the business aspect of operating an agency.

Outside of teaching you email marketing, it will help you become a better person outside of business. We focus on mindset, productivity and living the New Edition way. Becoming 3% better everyday and reaching self-mastery in every area of our lives.

Why Start an Email Agency?

1. High income skill

Every business needs email marketing in their backend. When there is this kind of demand, the price of the service goes up. Email Marketing is the perfect high-income online skill to learn.

It’s simple to learn and there’s no limit on how much you can scale your agency. Through Elite Email you learn to sell online, which is a skill that’s transferable into any industry.

2. Location freedom

Elite Email has students around the world, from Italy, Canada, India, Nepal, Jamaica, United States, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, Philippines . There are no boundaries to creating an email marketing agency. Unlike other businesses ,you have no location constraint. If you have a Wi-Fi connection, you can run an email agency.

Your instructor for this course filmed the first edition of Elite Email in Bali, and 4.0 of this course is created and filmed in Cape Town.

3. Scalable business

Elite Email has multiple 6 figure students and some 7 figure students. As long as stores keep selling online, you can continue to scale your agency.

Emails will never go away, we all use them everyday. Learning to create and Email agency isn’t some fad business model. Our members build real businesses will real employees that make real money.

What’s Included?

Here is what you get when you join Elite Email.

In-depth agency training

In-depth training on everything from starting an agency to scaling it while automating tasks and processes through systems and building a team. We cover the beginner aspect of running an email agency and what you need to learn to succeed. Then, show you how to move in this agency world as you progress.

Discord Community

An exclusive group-chat for the course students. Imagine being in a group chat and constantly talking to people on the same path as you. The conversations on their alone are worth the price of the course. A perfect place for you to ask questions, connect with people and learn new insights from me and my team.

Slideshows, Templates and More

Along with the training videos, I have provided you with slideshows from the training and templates that you can use and plug and play into your client’s store (after closing them) without having to come up with strategies and content. Businesses pay me over $3000 dollars just for these templates. We will also show you how to implement processes and systems to automate tasks in your agency, so you are working ON the business, not IN the business.


Videos going over advanced principles and mindset that has helped me make 7 figures online at the age of 21. This is the part of the course everyone loves and appreciates. Honestly, this part alone would be worth the money you pay for the course.

Lifetime Updates/ New Content

I could’ve made an extra 6 figures charging my existing students for the new content I drop but I’ve already updated the course 3 times and every student has gotten access to the new content for…FREE!

Every-time I feel as if the content and the course can get better with updated information, I update it for FREE!


Email Effect + Onboarding Call

Our students are getting FIRST access to my best-selling email course “Email Effect” for FREE .

Email Effect goes over advanced email marketing strategies, campaign setup, flows setup, list cleaning, mindset behind emails etc.

This course will be sold for $797 when it’s launched. Plus, we will be forced to remove it as a bonus soon so take advantage of it.

Along with that, you will be getting a FREE onboarding call with one of our coaches when you join the course…most courses never check up on their students but New Edition cares about our student’s success and accountability.

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