Perry Marshall – Ultimate Guide to Google Ads (2020) Download (2021)


Perry Marshall – Ultimate Guide to Google Ads (2020) Free Download

Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes & Bryan Todd – Ultimate Guide to Google Ads, 6th edition

Get More Customers with Google Ads

Focusing on the growing number of mobile users and increased localized searches, Google Ads experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, joined by AdWords and analytics evangelist Mike Rhodes, once again deliver the most comprehensive and current look at today’s fastest, most powerful advertising medium.
Marshall and his team teach you how to build an aggressive, streamlined Google Ads campaign proven to increase your search engine visibility, consistently capture clicks, double your website traffic, and increase sales on not one, but three ad networks. You will also get access to bonus online content and links to dozens of resources and tutorials.

Whether you’re a current advertiser or new to AdWords, the Ultimate Guide to Google AdWords is a necessary handbook.

Preface: Wait! Before You Read This Book…
1 Chisel Your Way In: Frank Talk about the Google Ads of Today
2 How to Force Prospects to Choose Your Site: Make Them Buy from You, Not Your Competition
3 Planning and Goals
4 Getting Started: Doing Your Research
5 Vanquish the Thickest Competition with a Killer USP
6 How to Build Your First Campaign
7 Conversion Tracking: How to Know Where Every Penny You Spend is Going
8 Bidding Strategies: Tools to Keep Your Spending Smart
9 Keywords: Ads Success Starts Here
10 Supercharge Your Clickthrough Rates: How to Write Google Ads that Pass the Test
11 Landing Pages: Making Powerful First Impressions that Convert
12 Choosing and Mastering Search Campaigns
13 How to Get Your Ad on Millions of Websites with Google’s Display Network
14 Remarketing: The Single Most Profitable Online Advertising Strategy
15 Google Shopping Campaigns: A Huge ROI Boost for Ecommerce
16 YouTube Advertising: Billions of Eyeballs for Pennies
17 Gmail Campaigns
18 Targeting Audiences
19 Mastering Tracking
20 Niche Domination, Part 1: Chisel In where the Chiseling is Easy
21 Niche Domination, Part 2: Playing Games You can Win
22 “Deep 80/20”: It’s Not What You Think…and I can’t Tell You How Profitable It Is!
23 How Email Transforms Those Expensive Clicks into Long-Term, Profitable Customers
24 Getting More Advanced: Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Success
25 Mastering Optimization
26 Automate the Grunt Work and Manage Campaigns with Ease
27 Google Analytics: Know Exactly Where Your Visitors Come From and Where They’re Going
28 How to Hire the Right Google Ads Agency

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