Ryan Deiss – The 1 Minute Video Ad Blueprint Download (2021)


Ryan Deiss – The 1 Minute Video Ad Blueprint Free Download

What is ‘The 1-Minute Video Ad Blueprint’?

A Secret Strategy for Maximizing the Value of Your Ads Using Video to Tell A Story…All In 60 Seconds

  • Use this proven, step-by-step plan to help you quickly roll out a 1-minute video that draws your viewers in using a powerful story and gets the click by leveraging a powerful combination of copywriting and video techniques
  • Let’s face it: People don’t like being sold to. So, it’s important to wrap your sales message in something they love-stories. By wrapping your offer in a great story, you’ll make it 100% more engaging.

5 Quick Steps To Creating Eye-Catching, Engaging, and Effective Video Ads

  • Discover the simple, 5-step formula for developing a video ad that actually CONVERTS (HINT: Hook + _____ + Solution + CTA = Conversion)
  • Complete with real-life examples of 1-minute videos that have not only sold MILLIONS, but have gone completely VIRAL as well, we break down why these videos are effective and how you can model your videos off these exceptional examples.

A Proven Method For Creating Interest, Curiosity, and Desire For Your Products

  • Use the “Baloney Principle” to leverage the power of story in your videos to stand out in today’s busy, connected world.
  • This Execution Plan shows you how to craft a 1-minute video in your brand’s voice and style (even in “boring” or “straight-laced” industries) and still build desire and drive action.

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