Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan Download (2022)

Simon Dixon Retirement Plan Free Download

Simon Dixon – Retirement Plan Download

What You Get:

Module 1 / Week 1:   

The Retirement Plan ฿™ Financial Ladder

In module 1, before you start building your Retirement Plan ฿™, we’ll give you our fill-in-the-blank simple spreadsheet. This is used as your map and generates your personal financial plan. It will diagnose your current financial situation and give you an exact amount that is needed to achieve your financial goals so you can choose the right traditional and Bitcoin investing strategy mix to achieve financial independence. This removes all guess work on how much to invest, how much risk to take and what investment strategy to use. Liberate yourself so you know exactly how to achieve your financial goals, no matter how big you dream, even if you are starting with no savings and an average salary.

In module 1 we’ll cover:

–  The 7 Financial Assumptions that make up the Retirement Plan ฿™ derived by combining the principles of the most successful investors in both the traditional and cryptocurrency markets that allow you to cut out all the noise and financial jargon even if you are completely new to investing.

–  The 3 Steps to beating traditional markets so you can finally understand the benefits and risks of traditional financial products such as Stocks, Bonds, Bank Deposits, Fiat Currencies, Real Estate, Commodities, Pension Funds and how they all fit together with Bitcoin and other digital assets. We cut out all the noise and help you feel empowered when listening to financial gurus in both traditional markets and Bitcoin knowing how it all fits together allowing you to avoid being distracted from your long term Retirement Plan ฿™.

–  How to climb the 7 rungs of the Financial Ladder to achieve complete long-term financial independence using an investment approach designed to perform in inflation, deflation, economic growth or economic decline or even bank failure using the best of traditional markets and Bitcoin designed to remove financial anxiety and increase financial security as you get closer to retirement age, even if you have not started saving for your retirement yet.

Module 2 / Week 2:

The Retirement Plan ฿™ Investing Principles

In module 2 we go through the investing principles that make up the Retirement Plan ฿™. Using these investment principles we take all the subjective decision making out of your Retirement Plan ฿™ like when to buy, when to sell, what to buy and what to sell, so you can set it up and spend your time doing what you want to do. Make your Retirement Plan ฿™ work for you, rather than you working for your Retirement Plan ฿™. These are the investing principles that allow you to spend your life doing what you want rather than creating another job for yourself managing your investments.

In module 2 we’ll cover:

  How to use 7 time tested traditional investing principles used by the most successful investors in the world to supplement your Bitcoin & Crypto Investing approach to help Build and Protect Your Wealth in the long-term so you don’t spend your life looking at prices, panicking at every market crash and trying to buy low and sell high.

–  7  Bitcoin Investing Myths That Stop You Becoming Financially Independent Using Retirement Plan ฿™. As this is a product we have the benefit of analysing over 150,000 investors and understanding what made some investors more successful than others. As we were an investor in Bitcoin from the beginning we also know what stopped many investing in the highest performing asset class in history. Don’t let these myths get in the way of you building and protecting your wealth even if you have done very well with your traditional investments.

–  The 7 steps that make up The Retirement Plan ฿™ Blueprint Revealed. Let us hold your hand and implement each one step-by-step over 7 weeks with a blueprint and formula that you can tailor to your personal financial plan. Remove all the complexities and frustrations you may have experienced getting started in the past.

Module 3 / Week 3:

The Retirement Plan ฿™ Investing Blueprint

In module 3 you’ll begin to understand the pitfalls, benefits and risks of alternative crypto financial products. You’ll finally know how to use them to supplement your Retirement Plan ฿™ returns whilst fully avoiding blowing up your Bitcoin wealth, by managing risks unshakably like a pro. You’ll understand how to cut out all the noise from people that want to sell you opportunities that don’t have your best interest in mind. Understand what to pay attention to and what to ignore from the huge myriad of distractions, jargon and noise that will come your way such as Stablecoins, Ethereum, Mining, Staking, Private Equity, Altcoins, ICOs, IEOs, Crypto Lending, Security Tokens, DeFi, NFTs and the list goes on.

In module 3 we’ll cover:

  The Retirement Plan ฿™ Bucket Allocations that allow you to fully separate and not confuse funds for your personal security, traditional market investing, Bitcoin and Crypto Market Investing and money for achieving your financial dreams. Most people combine spending money with investing money and hope they can one day afford all they dream of. Through bucket allocations we’ll show you how you can plan when to buy the things that make life worth living without affecting your investment portfolio and harming your personal financial security. Life inevitably challenges your financial goals, but we don’t want you to be the investor that has to sell all their Bitcoin and other investments during a crash to pay their expenses in crisis due to poor money management.

–  Retirement Plan ฿™ Bitcoin & Crypto Investing Strategies and how to set your Retirement Plan ฿™ Strategy Mixes. We’ll provide you with the tools and online wealth management program to build your strategy mix using the five Bitcoin & Crypto Investing strategies. We’ll hold your hand to calculate expected returns by entering a few numbers on our spreadsheet (developed by our team of analysts with Simon Dixon). The spreadsheet does all the hard work for you without you so you can see exactly how long you need to achieve your financial goals under different scenarios. Obviously past performance does not equal future returns, but we provide you with all the data to come up with conservative, moderate and historical forecasts to plan your investment goals.

–  5 Retirement Plan ฿ Risk Portfolios. Understand why Bitcoin is at the centre of the Retirement Plan ฿™ investing strategy and how to avoid all the distractions while maintaining a balanced portfolio combining the five Bitcoin & Crypto Investment strategies that significantly reduce risk, supplement returns/gains and remove the need to find the tops and bottoms of the market and gamble on the ‘next Bitcoin killer’. Time to stop speculating on the crypto markets like amateur traders, and finally focus on building and protecting your long term wealth with our Retirement Plan ฿™ that incorporates risk managed return enhancing strategies using sound investment principles.

Module 4 / Week 4:

Maximising Bitcoin & Crypto Growth

In Module 4 we will show you how to implement the seven time tested traditional investing principles taught in prior modules that are used by the most successful investors in the world to maximise your Bitcoin & Crypto Investing approach. This module was designed to help you Build and Protect Your Bitcoin wealth in the long-term but still take advantage of asymmetric risk opportunities.

In module 4 we’ll cover:

  The case for Bitcoin, the risks and why it should be the focal point of your Retirement Plan ฿™ strategy using a stock to flow ratio analysis.  How to use Retirement Plan ฿™ portfolio rebalancing to increase your Bitcoin position. Learn the strategies that avoid you having to check the price obsessively every day and yet still be empowered to know when to buy and when to sell even if you know nothing about charts and technical analysis.

–  The case for private equity, the risks and how to claim your stake in the growth of the entire industry to protect your portfolio even when the crypto markets are crashing or in an extended falling market.

–  The case for Ethereum, the risks and how to use it as a Bitcoin portfolio enhancer. When to avoid or take advantage of ultra high-risk growth opportunities and when to use them to enhance your Bitcoin position using a risk-managed approach with products like Security Tokens, Equity, Utility Tokens, ICO, IEO, Trading, DeFi & Leverage.

Module 5 / Week 5:

Maximising Bitcoin & Crypto Income

An Income for life is the end goal for every retirement plan. In this module we share how and when to take counterparty risk to receive income on your Retirement Plan ฿™ using collateralised crypto and equity to be on the right side of speculation. We’ll show you how to manage risk and what risks to protect from as well as an approach for reducing risk as retirement comes closer while taking full advantage of the power of compounded interest to significantly enhance your Retirement Plan ฿™.

In module 5 we’ll cover:

  The case for Bitcoin & crypto income, the risks and how to use it to compound interest and growth. How to receive compounded Bitcoin & Crypto Interest & staking Income through centralised crypto finance and how to manage the risk.

–  The case for Stablecoins, the risks & using them to manage currency risks. How to receive compounded Bitcoin & Crypto Interest & Staking Income through decentralised crypto finance and how to manage the risk.

–  How to use portfolio rebalancing to increase your compounded income so you don’t get wrecked and take full advantage of the power of compounding to get you closer to your dream bucket in a faster time frame.

Module 6 / Week 6:

Investor Psychology, Becoming Your Own Bank, Security & Avoiding Scams

Once you build your wealth, your focus becomes protecting your wealth. The challenge is protecting your wealth is significantly easier if you start with the end in mind. There are 10 protections that if planned for from the beginning make building and protecting your Retirement Plan ฿™ significantly easier.

In module 6 we’ll cover:

–  7 important Behavioural Finance Principles responsible for wiping out Bitcoin & Crypto wealth and how to avoid them.

–  The 7 largest crypto scams & how to protect yourself by analysing the red flags.

–  3 Crypto Security Rules you must implement and how to action them even if you are not a developer or technically gifted. Risk managing ‘Being your own bank’ while using the right mix of crypto custody, the smart way to protect your wealth and plan a multi-generational strategy like the wealthiest family offices in the world.

Module 7 / Week 7:

Tax, Inheritance, Banking & Fiat Off-boarding

When you move your traditional currency into crypto we call that fiat off-boarding. The way you do this or transfer your existing crypto wealth will affect the tax you pay in the future upon retirement or the tax your loved ones pay when they receive it. In our final module we’ll show you how to build your Retirement Plan ฿™ tax efficiently, compliantly and legally to give you peace of mind with a setup to pass on your Bitcoin & crypto wealth to protect your family, loved ones or preferred charities. We all know two things are guaranteed – death and taxes so finally we’ll show you how to ensure your wealth does not end up in the government’s hands if it does not need to be or probate when you pass.

In module 7 we’ll cover:

  How to pay the correct level of crypto tax and avoid tax evasion through long term tax planning and when to engage your tax advisor. Understand the structures of the wealthy and low-cost crypto-friendly setups that don’t cost a fortune.

–  Crypto friendly banking and how to use your crypto wealth through bucket allocations without getting your bank shut down like many that don’t plan this step.

–  Setting up an efficient legal structure and building enough wealth to afford a power accounting, legal and financial advisory team to use the wealth preservation strategies of the top 1% reducing risk as retirement grows closer.


Execution Bonus 1

Implementing Bitcoin & Crypto Security with Andreas M. Antonopoulos, the author of Mastering Bitcoin, Mastering Ethereum and The Internet of Money and my go-to mentor for the security and technical side of Bitcoin.

Execution Bonus 2

Implementing Bitcoin & Crypto Inheritance with Pamela Morgan, the author of Crypto Asset Inheritance and my go-to advisor for inheritance planning.

Execution Bonus 3

Implementing Bitcoin & Crypto Structuring

Execution Bonus 4

Implementing Bitcoin & Crypto Tax Efficiency

Execution Bonus 5

Implementing Automation through Retirement Plan ฿™ Portfolio Builder,

Execution Bonus 6

Implementing Retirement Plan A using the lessons I learnt from in my opinion the greatest traditional investor of all time and author of Principles – Ray Dalio.

Knowledge Bonus 7

Bitcoin Pricing – The Plan ฿™ approach for modelling Bitcoin price using the methodology of the financial analyst whose research helped many in traditional finance make the jump to Bitcoin and finally understand how it compares to other asset classes like Gold.

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