Site Speed Profits – Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis Upgrade Download (2021)


Site Speed Profits – Nick Ponte and Tom Gaddis Upgrade Download

Hi there, it’s Tom Gaddis along with my business partners Nick and Paul…

as far as we can tell ‘Google’s Speed Update’ to their algorithm officially rolled out July 9 2018.

This new Google metric uses Mobile loading speed to help determine ranking in the search results…

and slow sites get pushed back DOWN the rankings! It’s unavoidable, because…
Even A ‘Fast’ Turtle
Comes In Last!
We knew this change was coming since we’ve got our finger on the pulse of Google’s changes. We live this business 24/7 and there really is advantage to being first with solutions.

Providing the local consultant with the latest in ‘HOT’ service offerings AND making it easy to implement them is our bread and butter. We live for it.

AND, what we offer to our consultant friends comes directly from our own ‘Real World Testing Laboratory”. Thats right, we experiment first, modify and test some more, before we bring anything to you. (You don’t need to be someone’s ‘guinea pig’.)
**This Speed Update Impacts ALL sites,
whether Mobile or Standard.
It’s when they’re ACCESSED FROM a Mobile Device our strategy does its “speed magic”… and up to 70% of Local Searches are accessed through a mobile device!

Google’s speed update affects ANY website that gets visitors from mobile devices. Inside you’ll discover how to optimize CLIENTS WEBSITES, so they’re not penalized by Google.

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