Steve Chandler – Online Coaching Prosperity School Download (2022)

Steve Chandler online coaching free donwload

Steve Chandler – Online Coaching Prosperity School Download

What You Get:


Introduction with Jason Goldberg

Lesson 1 – Selling Without Selling

Lesson 2 – Taking Ownership

Lesson 3 – Great Teaching from Master Coach Rich Litvin

Lesson 4 – The Ladder

Lesson 5 – LISTENING

Lesson 6 – Master coach Aila Coats on Coaching Teenagers!



Lesson 9 – The Referral TRIANGLE

Lesson 10 – Service and the Referral Family Tree

Lesson 11 – Kamin Samuel on WEALTH and Coaching

Lesson 12 – Stephen McGhee and Mind, Body and Spirit of the Coach

Lesson 13 – How to SERVE and GROW RICH

Lesson 14 – Giver vs. Taker and Optimism vs. Pessimism


Lesson 16 – Guest Teacher Carolyn Freyer-Jones

Lesson 17 – The First Three Disciplines

Lesson 18 – Jason Goldberg on GETTING CLIENTS from SOCIAL MEDIA

Lesson 19 – Disciplines 4, 5 and 6

Lesson 20 – Disciplines 7, 8 and 9

Lesson 21 – Practical Spirituality with Tina Quinn

Lesson 22 – Disciplines 10, 11 and 12

Lesson 23 – Disciplines 13, 14 and 15

Lesson 24 – Guest Teacher Michael Neill

Lesson 25 – Disciplines 16, 17 and 18

Lesson 26 – CREATIVELY SERVING with Melissa Ford

Lesson 27 – Goal Line Soul Line

Lesson 28 – Guest Teacher Interview with Ron Wilder

Lesson 29 – Part TWO of Carolyn Freyer-Jones

Lesson 30 – Devon Bandison Coaching is a Game Changer

Lesson 31 – Karen Davis: The Coaching Accelerator

Lesson 32 – Ankush Jain Three Principles Coaching

Lesson 33 – How Do We Talk About What We Do? with Guest Coach Teena Goble

Lesson 34 – Prosperity through Transformation: Master Coach SIAWASH ZAHMAT

Lesson 35 – Alex Mill: Coaching and Meditation

Lesson 36 – The Power of Commitment

Lesson 37 – Chris Dorris Shares How to Make Today the Best Damn Day of Your Life

Steve and Jason: WRAPPING UP: Where Do We Go From Here?

Vital Audio Section – LISTEN to Boost Your Coaching Practice

1. Creative Relationships

2. Creating Clients

3. Financially Fearless

4. The Joy of Succeeding: Steve Chandler LIVE in LA

5. The Owner / Victim Choice

6. Expectation vs. Agreement

7. Information vs. Transformation

8. Making a Difference


10. The How To vs. The Want To

2-Minute Motivators for Your Morning Ritual

1. Learn to use stories instead of features and benefits.

2. What’s the one thing that will solve your prospect’s problem?

3. Make sure your communications all do THIS!

4. What do you say when someone says NO?

5. Listen for, “The How To versus the Want To” in your client.

6. Do you really always need a niche?

7. What to ask after a prospect tells you what they want.

8. Can I tell a client the difficult truth that I see?

9. Remember to be testing instead of trusting.

10. Remember the nature of this (relationship) game!

11. Two book recommendations that have actual coaching sessions in them.

12. How to increase your productivity by keeping score.

13. A simple question to ask an old acquaintance who may be a potential client.

14. Transforming your prospect’s negative interpretation of life.

15. Don’t join your prospect in focusing on the money coaching costs.

16. Don’t think of “getting clients” in terms of plural or multiple.

17. Wonder if you’re too young or too old?

18. When your prospect’s challenges (opportunities) come from their expectations of other people. See VITAL AUDIOs for the audio Expectations vs. Agreements.
19. Learn (and teach) these two forms of personal internal motivation.

20. Show your client and yourself the two uses of the brain.

21. How coaching, even in enrollment conversations, can change a person from a victim viewpoint to an ownership viewpoint.

22. When a prospect has a wobbly or tentative “yes” you can challenge it almost as if you are talking them out of it. As in “I think this might be something that would work for you later on … maybe a year from now…”

23. How to use your own coach better in a session.

24. Why does free advice not make the same difference as professional coaching?

25. An audio for you to send to a prospect called “Why Would I Hire a Coach?”

26. How to talk about what the fee actually covers.

27. Giving advice versus co-brainstorming possible options.

28. Take some extra time to watch or read what you’re sending someone!

29. What’s the best gift we can give anyone?

30. Should you stand or sit while on the phone?

31. Remember the step by step path to prosperity in coaching.

32. This is your go-to discipline you want to remember.

33. Don’t skip over the “want to” when the client thinks the “how to” is the only thing missing.

34. If you enjoy writing, don’t hide or hoard your work in progress.

35. How to divide your to-do list in a way that improves income.

36. How to have the seminars and programs you attend pay off.

37. What to do when fate throws a knife at you.

38. A great question for a client with a problem.

39. Helping a client or prospect with two problems.

40. The one thing you must establish in the enrollment process.

41. Be more and more professional in arranging conversations.

42. When you’re coaching on the goal line, you can offer a new level of accountability.

43. What a client CAN send you prior to your meeting.

44. What if I want to do a group? How do I fill it?

45. Don’t talk ABOUT coaching…..demonstrate it.

46. Let people know the difference between chatting and coaching.

47. Don’t be afraid to think about and talk about money.

48. Sometimes you want to give an assignment.

49. The value of investing money in what you’re committed to change.

50. You can also prepare by not preparing … show up empty … no agenda.

51. How does coaching really help people?

52. Don’t be afraid to give homework.

53. Tell stories that have a BEFORE and AFTER component.

54. Giving is good … but are you giving plastic chickens?

55. Eliminate failed sales calls from your day.

56. When your client’s goal might be too big for now.

57. Why we should be humble about coaching’s power.

58. How to talk to prospects about expectations.

59. The number one resource you have for growing your practice.

60. Stay creative and innovative with CURRENT clients.

61. What to always have on your wall in your office.

62. Email for the short answer, talk for a better answer.

63. Once again, watch and read what you send out!

64. How can your client increase the power of desire…the WANT TO.

65. Convert your “no” into “not yet” and keep that file!

66. Don’t give advice when your prospect is fragile.

67. What question to ask when passion and big dreams aren’t there.

68. Create a relationship that doesn’t want to end.

69. Asking the “magic wand” question to open a person up.

70. A wonderful topic for conversation with a new prospect.

71. What to ask when someone has reached out to you.

72. After a call, send a positive reflection.

73. Don’t solve your client’s problem right away.

74. How to serve and make a difference instead of just pleasing.

75. Leave space between your calls and meetings.

76. A great question to ask a client who is stuck.

77. Using the 80/20 “rule” as a tool for greater productivity.

78. Don’t stress out if the client isn’t getting an immediate outcome.

79. What do you want to demonstrate in that first conversation?

80. What good can I do if I only have five or ten minutes?

81. Grooming yourself for your video calls.

82. What to do when something feels hard to do.

83. Stop wondering and worrying about worthiness.

84. You are never “taking people’s money” when they pay you.

85. Don’t try to persuade your client to do this work.

86. Remember this about your fees.

87. Change “when you find the money” to “when you’re ready to do this work.”

88. Always remember this… above all else:

89. Here’s something that has helped SO many coaches get better….

90. This is why a prospective client will hire you.

91. The gift to us from USM of “I’m upset because……”

92. Don’t dismiss the role of fun in productivity as a coach.

93. What does your network say about you?

94. Perhaps the most important tip of all!

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