TimTalk 2.0 – Grow And Monetize Your TikTok Account Download (2024)

TimTalk 2.0 – Grow And Monetize Your TikTok Account Download

TimTalk 2.0 – Grow And Monetize Your TikTok Account Download

What’s inside?

Proven frameworks and lifehacks I used to scale multiple TikTok accounts to 100k followers

Full course structure:

Module #1 TikTok Algorithm Explanation  

You can’t grow on the platform if you don’t understand it. Inside this module, I’m sharing proven tricks to get more views on TikTok.

Module #2 Your first 10,000 followers 

Step-by-step framework on how to get your first views and followers.

Module #3 Perfect TikTok video structure 

It’s time to learn how to produce better content! Here we talk about tools, lightning, the shooting process, and more.

Module #4 Make your first 1000 

To make money on TikTok, you must set up a proper sales funnel. The main topic of this module is monetization how to convert your viewers into buyers.

Module #5 TikTok vs. Reels

IG Reels and YouTube Shorts are the platforms you should reuse your content on, but there are a few differences you must know. We cover them all inside of this section!

Module #6 10-100k followers roadmap 

How to scale above 10k followers? What systems do you need to set up? Etc. I revealed our agency’s secret formula, which we used for Sephora and 80+ other brands.

And when you purchase today…

You’ll unlock 3 FREE bonuses!

140+ Viral TikTok Hooks (99 of value)

We’ve gathered over 140 Viral TikTok Hooks for 8+ different niches (and of course general hooks too)

5 selling TikTok Scripts (970 of value)

Use our five top-performing scripts to maximize your revenue from 1m views.

Notion Database (240 of value)

All my PDFs and video lessons are in one place. This Notion doc only can be a course itself.

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