Traffic and Funnels – Turbo Templates Download (2021)

Traffic and Funnels Turbo templates free download

Traffic and Funnels – Turbo Templates Download


Turn Your Email List Into Clients, Without Exhausting Your List, Complicated Funnels or Falling Into the Content Trap
You’ve heard it before: the money is in the LIST.

That’s only HALF true.

Because you could have a small list or a giant list… but if you don’t know WHAT to email, or if you’re sending out weak emails…

Then your list is worthless.

So we’re simply going to hand you 10 of our BEST performing emails. So you can just swipe and deploy as you see fit.

And turn your email list into a client-getter and money-maker – no matter how big or small it is.
Here are the email templates you’re getting:

  • Email Template #1: Greatest Fear vs. Greatest Hope ← Use this to trigger attention and sales by giving your list the one thing that will overcome their greatest fear and achieve their greatest hope.
  • Email Template #2: Last Chance ← Drive a last-chance rush of applications or sales with a take-away psychological trigger.
  • Email Template #3: Left-Field Offer ← Foolproof way to introduce an ancillary or related call-to-action, product/service, or next step to your list. Direct their attention without losing them.
  • Email Template #4: Fast Feedback ← Excellent method for getting feedback from your list in a way that guarantees their response, trust, and readiness to buy.
  • Email Template #5: Ignore Interrupter ← Sneaky, new way to get attention and drive clicks and traffic to an offer.
  • Email Template #6: Shockwave Message ← Get as many people to see your email and message as possible. Good way to generate traffic to a social media post, video, article, or something else.
  • Email Template #7: Business Casual Horde of Crazy Buyers ← Casual way to make an offer, kind of slides under the radar with a bit of a personal touch. But it makes sales, every time.
  • Email Template #8: Pre-Event Backdoor Promo ← Build desire, drive traffic and sales during a calendar event.
  • Email Template #9: Over-the-Top Pusher ← Drum up interest and attention for an offer you’re either about to make or for an offer you’re making right now.
  • Email Template #10: Desire Escalation ← Perfect mechanism to frame what you’re doing, grab attention, and turn that attention into action.

And to top you off with templates…

Next up are our best performing paid ads.

(Seriously, these ALONE are worth thousands of dollars – because they’ve made US thousands of dollars, over and over again…)

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