Vicky Sharma – Million Dollar Publishing Plan Download (2021)


Vicky Sharma – Million Dollar Publishing Plan Download

Note: I’m not a big fan of a lengthy and boring sales page. So I’ll come straight to the point and tell you exactly what you’ll get inside this video course… Okay?
So, I’m in this Kindle Publishing Business for almost 4.5 years now and I’ve tested almost each and every technique to make money with Kindle Publishing. And in 2017, I crossed $1 Million in total revenue from my kindle books. “Million Dollar Publishing Plan is all about what I’ve learned about making money with kindle publishing in these 4.5 years.”

And in the Million Dollar Publishing Plan which is a step-by-step in-depth video course you’ll learn:
Module 1: Million Dollar Publishing Plan: In this video, I’ll create a step-by-step plan for you which can help you build a Million Dollar Publishing business by the end of 2019!
Module 2: Million Dollar Research: Exactly how to do research and find profitable categories and keywords – the easy way.
Module 3: Million Dollar Book Outsourcing: From where exactly you can find out a high-quality ghostwriter for cheap (around $100 a book). How to take their interviews? How to find whether they are legitimate or not? How to convince them for $100 a book? And how to ensure that they produce a high-quality book?
Module 4: Million Dollar Email Marketing: My entire email marketing technique. How to build at least 2000 subscribers every month for free? How to engage with your email list? How to build trust with them? How to increase open rates and click rates on your emails? How exactly to sell plenty of books with the help of your email list?
Module 5: Million Dollar Book Marketing: My master plan for Promotion of the book. Exactly how to get at least 20 reviews on your book in the first 48 hours? How to make your book best-seller? How to take advantage of Amazon algorithm to make your book in top sellers for years and years? And most importantly… Exactly how to make $1k/month per book… every month… consistently!

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