WPDefenders – Ultimate WordPress Security Manual 2019 Download (2021)


WPDefenders – Ultimate WordPress Security Manual 2019 Download

Secure your WordPress website with this easy to follow guide that even a newbie can use! Step by Step with Screenshots and copy-paste code.

WordPress Security Guide Reveals: How to Defend Your WordPress Website Against Hackers.

This easy-to-understand guide will show you exactly how to secure your WordPress website against today’s most common malicious hacker attacks, to prevent a potential disaster: lost sales, erased data, stolen credit card details, inserted porn links, site backdoors, irreparable brand damage.

  • Brute Force & SQL Injection Attack Protection

    Defend against Brute Force and SQL Injection attacks using a thoroughly configured firewall.

  • .htaccess File Configuration Template

    The .htaccess file is a powerful tool to secure your WordPress site against malicious hackers, using preconfigured Security Headers & much more. As simple as copying and pasting!

  • System File Permissions & Ownership

    Correctly set file permissions and ownership attributes are key to a multi-faceted security approach.

Comprehensive Defense That Everyone Should Have but 95% of Websites Don’t

Let THEM get hacked… but you’re Smarter than that.

The World Wide Web today is still a digital Wild Wild West, and if you wish to keep your online territory safe from invasion, you have to install a digital stronghold. This WP Defenders Security Guide will show you exactly how to protect your websites, and in turn your business and income.

9 out of 10 Hacked Websites are a WordPress Site. – Sucuri

Every day, millions of WordPress websites get bombarded by hackers and their malicious bots, which look for vulnerabilities in order to take over your website and wreak havoc. Some hackers do this for fun, some for education, and others for money. It might simply be another teenager from a third world country who is trying the latest hacking methods he discovered on underground forums, so he can use your server to send out viagra spam. It’s nothing personal, just another day – another dollar.

New Vulnerabilities Emerge Daily

The truth is, WordPress out-of-the-box has no protection against hackers whatsoever, and because it is open-source software, any vulnerabilities quickly spread in hacker circles like wildfire. If you don’t secure your site, you leave it open to exploitation.

Hackers employ various methods to gain access to WordPress sites, for example:

  1. Code Injection attacks using a code vulnerability (by literally injecting malicious code into your site’s code, using known security loopholes).
  2. Using an existing Backdoor in the theme, plugin or other executable file on the server.
  3. Plain old Brute Force login attempts (trying different user name and password combinations to break in).

Protect Your Site With Multiple Layers of Security

Attacks are rarely aimed at one site in particular because hackers look for easy targets. They scan for weak and vulnerable sites to infect, leaving protected sites alone. These spiders or bots are a constant background noise of the Internet, if you will.

An Unprotected WordPress Site is a Sitting Duck!

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