AppSumo’s Multimillion Dollar Marketing Playbook Download (2021)


AppSumo’s Multimillion Dollar Marketing Playbook Download

Here’s what’s waiting for you inside:

  1. [Tip #4] Get Your Next Big Business Idea By Mixing 2 Markets Together (AppSumo = Web Apps + Daily Deals)
  2. [Tip #5] Send More Email, Make More Money (With The 12-Week Email Challenge)
  3. [Tip #6] AppSumo’s 12-Point Product Promotion Checklist (Exactly What Happens To Promote Every AppSumo Product)
  4. [Tip #7] 5 Things That Didn’t Work (Read This If You Want To Save 1 Year Hustlin’ Your Face Off)
  5. [Tip #8] How To Spend $11K And Make $329K With Facebook Ads In 1 Month (Hint: The “Thumb-Stop” Hack)
  6. [Tip #9] How AppSumo Launched A Million Dollar SaaS Company In 5 Months
  7. [Tip #10] Hire The Best Talent In The World (Hint: Hire People Who Impress The Shit Out Of You)

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