Doberman Dan and Terry Dean – 60 Minute Copy Cure Download (2021)


Doberman Dan and Terry Dean – 60 Minute Copy Cure Download

Dear Friend,

If you want to create a huge and immediate surge in cash flow… for yourself, your business or a client’s business… this is going to be the most exciting message you’ve ever read.
Here’s why…
After more than 30 years as a serial entrepreneur, direct response copywriter and bestselling author, I’ve discovered some secrets you can start using IMMEDIATELY to make huge wads of cash.
It’s the fastest and most effective way to get a FLOOD of new customers, generate a massive surge in sales and make MAXIMUM PROFITS in record time.
But first I gotta tell ya…
The secrets I’m going to reveal in this letter are something “they” don’t want you to know.
I’m talking about all the “hired gun” copywriters who make their living writing sales copy for clients. They’re going to be madder than a nest of wet hornets on crystal meth when they see what I’m about to reveal.
Because this is a secret you can use to…
Get More NEW CUSTOMERS… And SELL MORE PRODUCTS In The Next 30 Days… Than You Have In The Past 12 Months!
Even more exciting…

You can do it by creating all of your advertising and sales copy yourself.
AND do it far better than almost anyone you could ever hire.
How can I say that?
Because The Copy Has Already Been Written FOR You!
By two of the most successful grizzled veteran copywriters/online marketers working in the trenches today. With a combined experience of 44 years creating high-converting, moneymaking sales copy.

Just for a minute, imagine this:
You wake up in the morning… grab a cup of coffee and your trusty laptop…
You kick your feet up in your favorite comfy chair…
Then you open a Microsoft Word document… already completely written with proven, tested, high converting copy…
You make a few simple changes… and in 60 minutes or less… you have a brand new kick ass sales letter you can use to…
Start Making Money IMMEDIATELY!
That’s it! You’re done for the day.

You close your laptop and leisurely enjoy the rest of your coffee… lounging around like a financially independent multimillionaire. Because the rest of the day is yours to do as you please.
Wanna play a round of golf while all the working stiffs are crammed into suffocating cubicles slaving away for “the man?”
Have at it. The day is yours.
Maybe you’ll take your wife out shopping in the middle of the day. So you can watch the look of surprise and delight on her face when you tell her to buy that fancy overpriced Louis Vuitton purse she’s been drooling over for years.
Or maybe you’ll finally take up that hobby or passion you’ve been putting off since you were young. The one you’ve always said you’d get to “one day.”
Whatever you want to do… YOU are in control of your time.
Every day is yours to do as you please.
Finally… you can relax and enjoy your life. Because you know that money is flooding into your account while you’re off doing whatever makes you happy.
Listen, I can tell you from decades of experience…
YES! That Dream Life CAN Be Yours!
I know. Because I’ve done it.

And I’ve helped hundreds of others do it, too.
When you know the secrets I’m about to reveal, it’s like having a license to print money.
But before I get into all the exciting details, allow me to introduce myself:
I’m Doberman Dan…
I’ve been a serial entrepreneur for over 30 years. And a direct response marketer and A-list copywriter for more than two decades.

I’ve started businesses and written copy in a whole slew of different markets. Just a few of the countless publications my work has appeared in are….
Car & Driver…
Investors Business Daily…
Popular Mechanics…
MuscleMag International…
Popular Science…
Muscle & Fitness…
Men’s Edge…
Black Belt Magazine…
Muscular Development…
Exercise For Men Only…
Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness…
Martial Arts Professional Magazine…
Small Business Opportunities…
Home Business Magazine…
The National Enquirer…
Weekly World News…
And THOUSANDS of high circulation newspapers.
As a serial direct response “bootstrap” entrepreneur, I’ve started a plethora of businesses on my kitchen table. With nothing more than a yellow pad, a blue pen and the squishy gray matter between my ears.

Many of these “kitchen table businesses” have supported me with a lifestyle that would be envied by the most successful CEOs in the country.
Several were created under great financial duress… with nothing but spit, grit and duct tape. I was broke, my back was against the wall and the wolf was at the door. So I was FORCED to run my idea up the flagpole to see how many people would salute it with their wallets.
Sure I’ve had my share of failures. That’s par for the course in the life of a serial entrepreneur.
But several of these “ready-fire-aim” businesses have gone on to make millions.
I’ve sold a couple of my info businesses for big paydays. I’ve also sold three nutritional supplement businesses I started from my kitchen table. That allowed me to enjoy several multi-year stints of “mini retirement.”
I’ve also been hired by some of the most successful entrepreneurs and marketers in the country. Most recently, a $1 BILLION a year “800 lb. gorilla” direct marketing company — one the biggest and most successful in the world — hired me to launch their new nutritional supplement business.
But believe me… I didn’t have any advantages getting started as an entrepreneur. I’m an average guy who barely made it through Barberton High School in Ohio.
I picked the wrong parents so there was no million-dollar trust fund or rich uncle to help fund my entrepreneurial pursuits. In fact, to describe my upbringing as “lower middle class” is being overly generous.
Like I said… the ONLY things I had available to start all these businesses were a yellow notepad, blue pen and my somewhat eccentric brain.
My first 10 years as an entrepreneur…
I Had To “Bootstrap” Every Business I Started…
And it was NOT easy.

Every single business was started on a shoestring budget. And for the first few years things were extremely lean. Most of the time I was so broke I went out on a limb and financed all my start-up costs on multiple credit cards.
I worked around the clock. (Because I had a MORE than full time job as a police officer in Dayton, Ohio.) I sold most of my personal belongings, cancelled my cable TV and drove a 15-year-old “bucket of bolts” car… just so I could invest every possible penny in getting the business going. I even skipped meals so I could invest my grocery money into testing marketing ideas.
And like so many other entrepreneurs, I hit my share of roadblocks. (Actually “roadblocks” doesn’t even come close to describing the disasters, disappointments and difficulties I endured.)
During the first nine long years of my serial entrepreneurial journey — before I discovered direct response marketing — every single one of my businesses crashed and burned. Leaving me defeated, depressed and in neck-deep in debt.
I felt like the biggest loser in the world.
That was until I discovered some little known secrets of the “ole skool” mail order/direct marketing masters. I studied that classic marketing material like a 15-year-old boy studies online porn.
Then I adapted and applied these secrets to one of my struggling and “on life support” businesses at the time and…
It Grew My Sales 1,407% In Only Five Months!
It was an amazing time. “Life changing” would be the understatement of the decade. An astonishing “before and after.”

I was broke, drowning in debt… and for a while actually homeless and living in my car with my Doberman… skipping meals so I’d have the money to run test ads.
A mere five months later…
I Was Putting 6-Figures A MONTH Into My Pocket!
Since then I’ve been on a mission. A mission to share these successful tactics, strategies and secrets for building an online business FAST.

You see, growing your business as quickly as possible and making a lot of money are great. But the way most entrepreneurs go about it makes you a slave to your business.
Sure, you may make an above average income… but you have no life. Your business is an all-consuming mistress. And you’re not the only one who pays the price. It takes a HUGE toll on your family, too.
Instead… what I have to share with you is a unique way of building your business that gives you incredible time and lifestyle freedom.

Because when money doesn’t control you… and you have time freedom… life becomes pretty darn spectacular.
First of all, you just plain FEEL better… because you no longer have that always-present weight on your shoulders. The weight you feel from others controlling your life.
And the ever-present FEAR you feel… deep in your solar plexus.
From lack of money…
From your boss always yanking your chain…
And being forced to jump when he says “jump.” Because you need the money.
When you do what I’m about to show you, you can be…
FREE From Your Financial Slavery!
Finally… you can do with your life what you could have been doing… and should do now…

LIVE it!
If you’re already in business but your business isn’t producing the income you desire…
…and is growing slower than you want…
What I’m about to share with you is the solution for all that.
The BEST solution.
The FASTEST solution.
Because what you’re about to discover is the final piece of the puzzle you’ve been missing. The master key to growing your business (and your income) as fast — and as BIG — as you desire.
It’s the most important skillset you can possibly have in business. I’m talking about the ability to get your customers…
Spending Money Like Drunken Politicians In A Las Vegas Strip Club!
And how do you do that?

A couple ways actually.
First, by developing the skill of creating perfect “can’t miss” offers that trigger a buying frenzy.
Second and equally important… by developing the ability to…
Consistently Craft Colossal Converting Copy!
Without those two abilities your business will always remain a constant struggle.

However… when you DO have those two abilities… you can build your business (and your personal income) as BIG and FAST as you desire.
Listen, you’re one smart cookie to want those abilities. Because with those skills… and ONLY those two skills… you can be free from money worries the rest of your life.
And, should you choose, you can…
Make More Money Than Any Sane Person Ever Needs!
I’m not just talkin’ “millionaire next door” rich either. (Although that IS nice.)

If you’re willing to work for it… I’m talkin’ Rolls Royce-driving… diamond-encrusted Rolex-wearing… private jet-flying… 155 meter yacht, “cruising-with-a-bevy-of-busty-supermodels” rich.
If that’s what you’re into, it can be yours. (I’ve even helped a few entrepreneurs who have done it.)
Or maybe you’re like me… less flamboyant and more lifestyle driven. Even though you COULD have all the toys, you prefer a more under-the-radar financial freedom…
The freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want… with whomever you want.
I know that what I just shared might seem a little over the top. But look, after more than 22 years of in-the-trenches experience honing my chops to become a veritable virtuoso of these valuable and virtuous skills… I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt…
Once you discover what I’m about to share with you…
Any Life You Imagine Can Be Yours!
And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you… with help from online marketer extraordinaire, Terry Dean.
Terry’s one of the very, very few online marketers I trust to give me the straight scoop on what’s working RIGHT NOW in online marketing.

And he should know. He’s a PIONEER in online marketing. Terry has been selling REAL products in REAL consumer markets online (not scammy biz-op crap) since 1996… the Wild West days of the Internet.
Also Terry has worked as a coach and consultant to business owners in hundreds of different markets and niches. He and his clients have sold everything from tennis products…to scrapbooking…to weight loss…to chiropractic services…to automobiles…and just about everything in between.
He was broke and in debt…stumbling from one dead-end job to another…when he discovered the Internet way back in 1996. He went from delivering pizzas for Little Caesar’s for 8 measly bucks an hour to creating a multi-million-dollar online business.
After a couple of years of doing things on his own and under the radar, his brilliance was discovered by the marketing community. Terry was invited to be a keynote speaker at some of the earliest Internet marketing conferences…where he shocked attendees by demonstrating how much money flowed through his shopping cart and into his bank accounts… during the actual conference!
He founded one of the first membership sites for online marketers…which read like a Who’s Who of today’s top marketing gurus. He has even been called one of the “grandfathers of internet marketing.”
He sold that first business in 2004, eliminated the travel, and took his first 18-month mini-retirement at 30 years old.
Terry is not one for the limelight. That’s why he has been privately consulting with a limited number of clients behind the scenes in hundreds of different markets. His waiting list for coaching clients currently has 415 names on it… and any open slots usually sell out in less than an hour.
Over the past 11 years he has helped more people create successful online businesses one-on-one than anyone I know.
In addition to Terry’s decades of experience inside the inner workings of both his own business and hundreds of others… he has another interesting skill.
He’s not just a great DOER of this online marketing thang… he’s a great TEACHER of this stuff.
One of the best I know.
In fact, that’s one of the biggest reasons we teamed up on this new project. Terry is a master of explaining the “what” of what I do in my copywriting. The stuff I do by pure gut intuition.
He’s also able to teach the “why” of why I do what I do.
You see, in my more than two decades and 20,000+ hours of writing sales copy and doing the serial entrepreneurial thang… entirely driven by my own sales copy… I’ve internalized an enormous amount of uber valuable lessons.
However… many of those lessons are imprinted so deep into my nutty noggin and neural network… it’s as if I’m guided by them without conscious knowledge.
In other words, I DO what I do. And I’m damn good at it. But I rarely TEACH what I do.
So what Terry has done is pure brilliance. He has studied my “do what I do” copywriting thang… and is able to explain all the reasons for what I subconsciously do to create super successful high converting copy.
Copy that sometimes breaks all the rules… yet accomplishes what many experts say is impossible to do with sales copy alone.
Heck, many times even I don’t understand why I do what I do. But Terry is able to articulate and teach my super effective (but admittedly eccentric) methods.
And more importantly, Terry makes it…
Understandable And DOABLE… Even For A Complete Copywriting Rookie!
It’s all based on a breakthrough brain & nervous system “hack” discovered by a master jazz musician and educator.

And it leads to EXPONENTIALLY accelerated progress in your copywriting skills… and darn near IMMEDIATE higher sales and conversions.
Almost every day I have people asking me about how to get good at copywriting. Or how to crank out a moneymaking promotion FAST when the “wolf is at the door”… you need money NOW… but don’t have much (or ANY) experience writing moneymaking copy.
The only solutions I’ve been able to offer in the past involved spending months or YEARS writing out successful copy by hand. And paying your dues for years on end. Writing copy, “running it up the flagpole” and watching it bomb 9 times out of 10.
It’s a BRUTAL process. (I know. It’s how I learned.)
And it’s a process that discourages and blows out lots of potentially great future multi-million dollar copywriters.
Until now.
After decades of study… often searching in the strangest of places… Terry and I have come up with something better.
Exponentially Better!
And… I’ve never seen ANYBODY reveal it. (Probably because very, very few are able to understand the science and psychology behind it.)

Terry and I are using some new stuff we’ve discovered about brain and nervous system biology (and a few other tricks up our sleeves) that will let you “upload” our copywriting abilities into your brain… really fast.
How fast?
You should see a HUGE improvement in only 30 days.
However… it gets even better…
You can start making money with it even FASTER. If you have a website, email list, snail mail list or followers on social media that have been limping along… and you haven’t been able to monetize those assets…
You can start making money — in some cases a significant amount of money — the very DAY you get your hands on this!
That’s why Terry and I have teamed up. We want to show you how to create sales copy that resonates so deeply with your prospect’s “buying emotions”… and paints such meticulously detailed and impassioned word pictures in their minds…
It Makes Your Offers IRRESISTIBLE!
If you’re starting to get excited about this opportunity, that’s great. I hope you ARE excited.

But before you get TOO excited I have to tell you this:
The reason you’re not enjoying an income and lifestyle like I’ve described in this letter is simple.
Actually, there are two reasons:
First, if you want to build your business as fast as possible… and make as much money as possible… you have to send out a LOT of offers.
And send them frequently.
But that’s a problem. Because most business owners wayyy underestimate how many new offers they need… and how frequently they need to promote those offers to their customers. That’s why most are always stuck in a frustrating “pull your hair out” plateau.
You see… sending out a lot of offers… and sending them frequently… requires sales copy. A LOT of sales copy. And the “skull sweat” and time required to do that is a substantial investment. More than most business owners have time for.
So unless you have the financial means to hire a top-notch copywriter, your growth and income will always be limited. Because YOU are the kink in the hose.
It’s simple. In addition to the 1,001 plates you’re spinning while struggling to run your business… you simply don’t have the time to produce all the sales copy needed to fuel the engine of your business.
There’s a second reason you’re not enjoying the income and lifestyle I’ve described in this letter.
It’s also the #1 reason why your sales copy has been limping along and under-performing… or not performing at all.
But I want you to know something. It’s not your fault. Because…
Almost Everything You’ve Been Taught About Copywriting Is WRONG!
The Internet is crawling with wet-behind-the-ears rookies who have hung out their shingle promoting themselves as a “copywriting expert.” Truth be told, the only experience most of those posers have is taking an online course that ALLEGEDLY certified them as a copywriter.

Look, maybe they’re good writers. That doesn’t matter. Because if they don’t have actual in-the-trenches experience…
If they’ve never had their back to the wall, FORCED to make sales or risk going broke, getting evicted and eating out of dumpsters…
…then you simply can’t trust these guys.
And you most DEFINITELY can’t trust the most important aspect of your business — your marketing — to these “fake experts.”
Listen, being a “good writer” (whatever that means) doesn’t mean jack crap. Hardly any of those posers have the guts to put their money where their mouth is. I’m talking about investing their OWN money to prove that their copy works.
But… they’re MORE than happy to use YOUR money to test their unproven rookie copywriting abilities. And many will gladly take your money in exchange for their “expert” advice… even though they’ve never successfully done what it is they’re claiming as their expertise.
If you’ve been getting your copywriting advice from those guys, THAT is why I say it’s not your fault. Because…
You’ve Been Deceived!
And Terry and I are gonna set the record straight. Once and for all.

You’re going to get the REAL scoop on how to create order-generating copy. And how to crank it out as fast as possible.

From two “bootstrap entrepreneurs” who have been doing this week in and week out… month after month… for more than two decades. Often with nothing more than our brain, a notepad, a pen… and a couple hundred bucks credit left on the Visa card to invest in advertising.
And in my case, I’ve used this system to crank out sales copy at the last minute. In the final hour. When I was so desperate for money, I was packing my suitcases getting ready for the impending eviction order. (Sadly, that’s NOT a joke or exaggeration.)
You see, I’ve had some EXTREME financial ups and downs in my first 20 years as an entrepreneur. Yet time after time… this system has always brought in the cash I needed.
Predictably, dependably and unfailingly. Like clockwork.
In some cases… in as few as 24 hours.
In fact, this system works so FAST… Terry even used it to create $96,250 out of thin air… in just a couple hours… IN FRONT OF A LIVE AUDIENCE!
The copy he used to do that was assembled by the very process you’re about to discover in our newest release…
“The 60-Minute Copy Cure!”
You’re going to get our combined 44 years experience creating winning sales copy.

But this isn’t a boring “study ‘til you’re blue in the face/hand write classic copy controls for months on end” course. I’ll leave that to the legion of other people hawking copywriting courses.
In fact, this isn’t really a “learn copywriting” course at all. (Although it WILL help you do that if that’s your ultimate goal.)
What it is REALLY… is…
A Shortcut To Creating Cash Generating Sales Copy… FAST!
In some cases IMMEDIATELY. Because we’re not going to complicate things. (Although many in our weird wee world do that so they can drive up their prices.)

But not us. Because really, making money online is pretty simple. So we’ve cut out all the fluff and made it as simple as possible. In fact, I’ve personally made a SYSTEM out of simple. (Remember, I barely made it out of Barberton High School… so it HAS to be simple for me.)
You see, I don’t just teach regular copywriting. I teach what I like to call JSTDT™ copywriting. Which is so powerful… and so effective…
It Almost FORCES People To Buy What You’re Selling!
JSTDT™ is my proprietary marketing and copywriting system. It’s the exact same system I’ve used the past 22 years to live a lifestyle better than most Fortune 500 CEOs… while only working a fraction of the time.
It’s also the very same system I’ve used to get paid as much as $2.3 million from writing one single ad.
(To be 100% transparent, this was NOT a copywriting client gig. It was a print ad for one of my own businesses. And in every magazine and newspaper where it ran… in EVERY insertion… it brought in a 3-to-1 and as much as a 6-to-1 return on investment… for three straight years… with not so much as one single comma changed during that entire time.)
JSTDT™ stands for “Just Sell The Damn Thing™”… and here’s what it’s all about:
Do you have the time and patience to spends months or years of your life creating content to “build a relationship” with people who have never bought anything from you? People who come to you with their hands out, asking you to give them free stuff?
If you do, I hope you have a sizeable stashola of cashola. Because that approach requires a LOT of money. And a lot of time waiting until you FINALLY make a little money. (If you EVER make any money.)
In fact, one of my clients, Agora — one of the best direct marketers in the world, earning more than $1 BILLION a year in sales — told me that even they don’t have enough cash to make that model work anymore.
Sure, it worked for them in the past. But it required millions of dollars and 12 months without making any money from each new customer to keep that model going. That’s why they abandoned it back in 2007.
And if it isn’t working for THEM, what makes you think it will work for YOU?
Here’s the bottom line:
You Need More Customers And More Business, Right?
Then there’s no need to screw around with all those complicated, convoluted and confusing multistep funnels… 4,001 question surveys… 7,007-step “if/then” auto responder sequences…

Content marketing… writing blog posts for months or years on end without even one single sale to show for all your blood sweat and tears…
Search engine optimization… YouTube videos… social media…
And all the other things you’ve tried that have never worked for you.
If you want to make money and get new customers RIGHT NOW… you simply need to…
Just Sell The Damn Thing™!
And that’s exactly what Terry and I are going to show you. It’s the simplest way to start making more money FAST.

Now here’s the most exciting part:
And why I say that this is a shortcut to moneymaking copy. A shortcut that can get you making money the very same day you get the product… literally.
When you join us in The 60-Minute Copy Cure…
You Get The Rights To “Steal” Our Most Successful Copy!
Not word-for-word. That just doesn’t work.

However, you’re going to have the ability to “synthesize” new sales generating copy by using our system of modeling our proven copy.
Terry and I have done all of the heavy lifting for you. All YOU have to do is follow our simple instructions and “fill in the blanks” to adapt the copy to your product, your offer and your business.
In fact, we even give you “fill in the blanks” templates that show you every single word, detail and phrase you need to insert about your product and business.
It’s As Close To “Done-For-You” As We Can Possibly Make It!
This is the exact same system I used in my supplement business that allowed me to take a two-year “mini retirement.” While the business chugged along bringing in cash like an automatic money machine.

Picture it…
You wake up each morning feeling optimistic and excited. Because you know that your short working day consists of about 60 minutes adapting and “synthesizing” new copy based on the proven templates we provide.
Then all you have to do is queue up an email. That’s it for the whole day!
You can go do whatever it is you want for the rest of the day. Because you know that your new sales copy will be working for you… generating sales and profits while you live your life doing whatever you want to do.
And more importantly, NOT doing any of the things you DON’T want to do. The things you’ve had to do in the past because you needed the paycheck.
When you have a system like this working for you, yes you have money. But you have something much more important than just material wealth. You have…

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